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Business Guidance

Overwhelmed by the idea of sitting in front of the computer?

You feel like you don't have the knowledge and patience to discover how you can use internet for your work. Because you are a creative. You are spiritual. You are a sensitive person that feels like technology is a fair away world, even if you know it can do good to your work. 

I know. I was exactly the same. 

Took me few years to be comfortable in navigating tech issues, social media tips and tricks, to set up a work flow that respects my creative nature and is not a cookie-cutter from someone that doesn't even know what energy healing or feminine flow is. 


During these 1on1 sessions we talk about practical ways to improve and implement any aspect of your business (from how to set it up, to find ways to unstuck it) so that you are confident using your computer and following a roadmap that suits you, instead of keep hiding your gifts. 


Business Up - Deep Dive

Introductive chat about how to set up or step up a business as energy healer, health practitioner or masseur. 

We talk practicalities, answer your questions, brainstorm ideas and check the tech side of things, going through what is the most efficient way for your energy type. 

A mix of energetics, business strategy and marketing. 

1 session of 90 minutes


Business Strategy 

- online sessions

After our Business Up first session we schedule 3 sessions to continue with the support, adjusting and finetuning where it's needed.


From practice new questions will most likely arise, and this is a great opportunity to have that extra support to be set up for good. 


A mix of energetics, business strategy and marketing. 

3 sessions of 60 minutes

- online meeting (Eng and Ita)

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