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For moms and moms-to-be

They say that it takes a village to raise a child... It still does. We just don't always have the village around us anymore...

Through my collaboration with Mamamoon School, our goal is to bring you that village to your home to support you throughout your whole motherhood journey, from the belly, through birth and beyond.


Enhance the Bond - (pregnancy)

A guided journey to create, strengthen, explore the bond with the baby and with yourself before the birth.

Pregnancy is a magical time, as it can be hectic and challenging. This class delivers practical tools to manage the emotional rollercoaster that can be experienced around the connection with the little baby. Moms-to-be will learn how to create a time and space to ground themselves (despite the situation they are in), feel and nurture the interaction with the Spirit of the baby so that the connection with them can already strengthen before the birth. 

This class helps with dealing with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, feeling disconnected, feeling scattered and feeling like too much is happening too quickly.

it’s for everyone that want to understand the process of motherhood with a specific focus on the bond mother-baby from the early stages of conception. 


Class runs for 60 minutes (there is a space for questions and discussion at the end) and it’s run online.


Energetics of the Baby - (pre&post)

- online 1on1 program

Babies are energetic beings and understanding how those energies work and play up can help immensely in understanding and navigating better the first few months of the journey.

Imagine a class full of practical tools to explain the often abstract concept of energies, chakras, grounding, managing emotions.


And most importantly, it teaches you how to use them in daily life situations where you can experience anxiety, stress, doubt and overwhelmed. 

Class runs for 60 minutes (there is a space for questions and discussion at the end) and it’s run online. Manuela is an expert in Energy Work and Spirituality Applied, and has been collaborating with Mamamoon for the past 2 years. She is the founder of Danaki Holistic and is based in Amsterdam. 

- online meeting (Eng and Ita)


Normalize the down-sides of pregnancy (4 sessions)

group sessions - online

Motherhood is a blissful time, and for many is also a really hard time. Every single mom has doubts, fears, challenges and not every one of them has a safe space, free of shame and judgement, where to share them and find reassurance, advice and guidance. 

“Is my baby going to be ok?”, “will I have enough milk to feed the baby?”, “how I can maintain my identity and not get lost just “being a mom”?”, “I am not feeling the maternal instinct kicking in yet and makes me feel guilty” are some thoughts that have been shared over and over. Whispering,  because there are some topics that still carry a stigma.

This is the free and safe space to share and lean into the support.

It’s a month-program, where every week the participants are welcome to send doubts, questions via email to Manuela. The inputs will be answered the week after in a live and recorded call, anonymously to respect each one. 


The 4 classes run for a max of 45 minutes each (depending on the number of participants) and it’s run online.

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