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Bodywork - Amsterdam

This space is one of appreciation for your body, for all that allows you to do every single day. 

Gone is the time where we can ignore and bypass the wellbeing of our bodies, chasing satisfaction and a peaceful life. 

The relationship between physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is undeniable and here you find treatments that are body-oriented while keeping in consideration all the different spheres of your being.  

Each session is a powerful and unique experience, for the sense of relaxation you can achieve and for the insights you will get.


We often start with a short chat to understand your needs, and when you are on the table, we let Your Body guide us in what it needs to release, restore e rebalance.


Massage Special

With stress and tensions, your body goes through many changes and it might cause you discomfort. Sometimes you don't even need stress to feel tense, just life being life. 

We often get used to pain and aches, forgetting that they are a message from out system for us to pay attention and they can be addressed to recover optimal movement. 

Before starting we can pull some cards so that we know exactly which energies are causing the tension in your body and we can work on shift them while relaxing the fascia and the muscles. 

It's not just a massage, this is new level experience to feel your body, strengthen the connection with yourself while recharging and restoring. 

This is a step into embodiment, a bridge between the body and your Souls and emotions. 


Fascial Kinetics

- 60 minutes

Fascial Kinetics (or Bowen) is a gentle and powerful therapy that involves the stretching and relaxation of the fascia, the connective tissue. 


A difference of the classic massage, this treatment consist of a precise set of rolling moves, alternated to movements of pause. 


This technique is the proof that less is often more and that the body knows how to re-adjust itself. 


We work on the fascia, and at the same time, we engage with your nervous system so that your body has the time to create new pathways that will result in the relaxing of your tissues and change of posture. 

Since the technique works with the fascia, where we store trauma and memories, it is common not only for a person to feel very relaxed but to experience a release of emotions, either during or following a treatment

- 60 or 90 minutes

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