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Mastering your true Power

Energetics and Healing 

You are a sensitive woman, an empath maybe. You are aware of subtle energies around you, and you are tired of always putting others first and ending up depleted in your energy. And you are tired of being labeled "too emotional, too sensitive, too creative".

Understanding your energetics better, you can step powerfully in your sensitivity gift embracing them instead than considering them a burden

Integration and Mentoring

You have read many self-help books, followed many gurus on social media and worked with different techniques, but still feels like you live a different life. A Spiritual one with likeminded and a Normal one where you hide your True Self.

With Integration work, you can connect all the dots back to your Inner Truth and step in your Own Power. 

Clarity and Inner Power

It is not about fixing or learning new stuff, this is the process of Reconnecting with Yourself, after years of putting the needs if others, family, society before yours. 

Working together it's a step towards a life lived on your own terms, reclaiming your own desires, aligned and manifestation of your real Power.

Hi, I'm Manuela

When women come to me they are usually full of questions, doubts and confusion because they have spent years putting themselves second or disconnected from their deepest desires in order to "fit in" and satisfy others' expectations. 

Helping them reconnect with their Inner Self, through the understanding of their energy and subconscious patterns is what I do best. 

Working together, we make sure you have a deep understanding of your energetic blueprint and the way your energy, emotions and reactions connect. We get exactly how to connect with your Inner Intuition and how to be able to communicate from that place of Strenght and Alignment in all the areas of your life. 

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I am here to show you how you can have a fulfilling life, Aligned with your desires while being able to authentically connect with people by being Yourself. On every occasion. Powerful. Unapologetic. Centered. 

Together we embrace your eccentricity, and your vulnerability to transform them into your strengths. 

When I am not of service, you can probably find me reading books on energetics and human behaviour in the hammock, chitchatting with my plants or connecting with my friends, most likely walking in the park with a warm cup in my hands. 

My Approach
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