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Alchemy Activations

You landed on this page because you want more in your life, and you are ready to have the confidence in expressing your true uniqueness. 

You have questions that you are not sure where and how to address, or you are not satisfied with the spiritual answers you have received so far. Maybe you are looking for more depth, and a more practical and approachable take on spiritual matters that can help you better navigate the life in your body.

Every session creates a bridge between the spiritual principles and the human reality of everyday life. 


Alchemize & Embody

Bring a situation that you want to better understand and we are going to alchemize it together. 

You can expect: 

- a completely different perspective on the situation

- feeling lighter and calmer in facing it

- understanding deeply rooted subconscious patterns & the awareness how to deal with them

- ability to know how to change patterns and behaviours

- ability to see more and different solutions that you weren't able to see before

- feeling in charge and empowered to take the steps needed

- activation of your True Soul Voice


Blueprint - the mind-body-soul connection

- online 1on1 session

This session is an analysis of your make-up and of the lessons you are meant to learn in this life. 
You will learn how your body, mind and soul are connected and how they interact at all times, even when you don't think about it. 

You can expect:

- understanding how and why events happen in your life

- knowing the Soul's lessons and contracts

- clarity and direction knowing what your purpose

- instant shift and activation of your energy field to facilitate the changes

- feeling more centered in your reactions (less emotional rollercoaster, more calmness)

- less reactive to triggers and ability to see them and change the pattern

- online 1on1 session

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