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Alchemy Activations

Here is where the fun begins. 

We pull out all the stops and we deep dive in your system to connect dots, gain clarity and understand, shift and realign anything that needs to work on, under the guidance of the higher realms, your Guides and your Soul

Short Offers - Clearings and Channelings
- online services - 

Looking for answers but not ready for a full sessions. 

Here you can find shorter formats for answers, dreams explanation and house/land clearing


Bodywork - Amsterdam 

"Mens sana in corpore sano" perfectly describe the connection between our physical and energetical bodies. 

Gone is the time where we can strive to spiritually develop ignoring the wellbeing of our physical vessel. 

These services have more focus on balancing and energezing the body, considering always the energetical and emotional component

Business Guidance
- in person or online -

A service for other healers and health workers wanting to setup a business out of their passions but feel intimidated by the computer-side of things. 

Easy to grasp, in a language that you understand, we can cover your questions and find a structure for you that resonates with you


Monthly events
- in person or online -

Monthly meetups to increase awareness, presence and promote relaxation

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