My Approach

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I have a grounded and practical approach when working with energies, cards, and astrology. For each individual I develop a specific approach, taking into consideration mental, physical, and social factors. 

I do readings (cards, Moon astrology, or a combination of the two), energy healing (chakra balancing, energy shifting, reiki), and offer a mentoring program.

As we are continuously changing, I believe that the treatments we need, evolve as well. Each time we will look at what the most suitable fit is for that specific moment.


My Mission

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Healer holds a lot of meanings.

The way I am, I help people understanding and shifting the energy in their physical and energetic bodies, to give them the space to look at themselves from a different angle.


I help people release energies and memories that are weighing them down if they are ready to let them go. So they can have new energy to move forward.

I help people creating the same safe space where they can take a break from everyday life and just connect deeply to themselves. For an hour, or for a day, it doesn’t matter. They will remember that feeling of connection.

I show them their unconscious patterns, and I lie down the map of their thinking process while I mentor them on their journey to understanding and growth.

I mostly work intuitively, reading energies and understanding at which point in life you are at the moment. I will then suggest to you how I would like to work with you; if I feel you need a reading or a healing, or a combination. 

This is work done together. You are as much in charge as I am.

Growth and healing are always a personal matter, and my role is to mentor you, guide you and support you.  But you will be actively participating, consciously and unconsciously.

My Background

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Danaki Holistic is the result of my personal journey, which started to revolve more and more around spirituality (and a different approach to my inner life) during my early twenties.


This became my purpose and it led me to travel for six years, focusing on learning new techniques and improving my healing skills.

My personal journey has strongly informed my growth as a healer, and it became my innate pleasure to share my knowledge and experiences to help others with creating and holding space for themselves to explore their inner world.

I love to show people how they can apply and recognize spirituality in everyday life.