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the Power of Living in Alignment

According to cognitive neuroscientists, we are conscious in only 5% of our cognitive activity, while most of our behaviours, decisions, actions are up to 95% of unconscious brain activity.


With all that unconscious activity, you cannot make any change unless you are able to recognize the patterns that are in place in your mind.

If you are tired of feeling stuck and you want a life aligned with your desires and values, working with me will show you exactly how.

 - understanding your unique energetical blueprint and how to navigate unconscious blockages to be in charge of your decisions from desire and not fear

 - deep inner clarity and sense of peace

 - connection with your Inner Truth, stopping wasting time in people-pleasing and perfectionism

 - understand how to use your high sensitivity instead of considering it a burden

- grounded and no-nonsense approach to energy healing and spiritual matters, focusing on the Integration of the Soul in the everyday matters

"Everything you are looking is already within you.
It's just activating and re-adjusting.
It's alchemizing and expanding. "

The Power of Alignment

Energetics and Mentoring

When you are a highly sensitive woman, interested in energy healing and self-development, it can be difficult to relate to everyday stuff without being labelled "strange". 

Maybe you haven't had the opportunity to ask all the questions you wanted to ask, and you have learnt to keep part of yourself locked away from people and situations that could hurt you.

You are tired to live life, not at your full potential. You want to step powerfully in Yourself and be seen and recognized for who you really are. 

Your ability to Live in Alignment with your Deepest Self (your Soul, if you wish) allows you to stop moving from struggles and autopilot programming embracing the clarity and fun that lies in your own wisdom.


Contact Me

You can reach me with a message or schedule a 30-min free connection call where you can ask your questions.


I’m looking forward to talking to you.

Hembrugstraat 165c

Amsterdam, 1013XD

Phone: +31 623 738671
Fb: Manuela Iddas

Thanks! Excited to get to know you!

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