Are you feeling stuck and confused?

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learn how to resolve your life blockages

Hi, I'm Manuela

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I work with sensitive women who know something is seriously off in their lives but don't know the way forward.

Are you feeling confused? Stuck? Blocked? 

Book a reading with me and let's get you some answers. 

You are....

A sensitive woman who has felt out of balance for a long time. You have tried to ignore the feeling but it is getting stronger.

What you struggle the most is the overwhelming sense of confusion.


You are questioning everything

Am I in the right job? Am I in the right relationship?

I feel like I should make a change, but how? 


The thing you most need right now is: 

To get answers to your questions, so you can feel clear and peaceful again. 

Move forward with a sense of confidence

As an intuitive reader, I help you cut through your mind fog and uncover the answers that are already right under your nose. 


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Personalized reading to unblock energies in an area of your life to allow you to move forward with clarity, focus, and new motivation

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Mentoring program completely personalized on your questions. 

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Neutral Elegant Minimal Workshop Event S


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 21 days online program  to guide you  into building a healthy routine and manage stress in any difficult time

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I feel blessed that I found Manuela on my way few days ago. She's a beautiful and caring person and I knew immediately that her healing (Cards Reading and Reiki) was what I needed. I would definetely recommend it!



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Manuela Is such a delight as a person and a therapist. She takes the time to tell you what she is doing to your body, why she is doing it, and the benefits you will feel. Overall wonderful experience with her


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The card reading session I had with Manuela was just very deep and really interesting. It allowed me to highlight the points that I had to look in my life right now. With this help, I gained answers and keys to move forward. I really recommend a reading


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