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Hello there, 

nice to see you here

How are you doing? Are you hanging in there? 

To many, it feels like we have been running a marathon, and when we think we are close to the end lane, behind the corner there is another stretch waiting for us. 

We already know that change brings stress to a certain degree. What we are experiencing though, is something exceptional. 

Change has been forced upon us and has been touching our health, our social life, our work life, our security, our fears, and our weaknesses. And I am sure we all feel tired and lost in some ways. 


I can tell you that meditation and mindfulness are the keys here. But I also know that if you are already stressed and overwhelmed, you don't want someone to tell you to sit down still for 40 minutes.

That's why I came up with a 21 days online program filled with easy exercises and tips to apply during your days, to teach you how to manage emotions when they arise, how to shift a mood, how to focus on the present and let the worry go. 

What are the takeaways?

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In just 3 weeks you can:


-explore easy ways to calm your mind and emotions


-learn helpful and quick tools

to keep yourself motivated


-learn new ways to handle stressful situations


- feel in charge of your daily life


- have a better direction


- develop new skills to deal with

what life throws at you

Keep reading if...

you want to change something in your life, but you keep postponing

you are curious about meditation but it seems unapproachable

you want practical help, and examples of how to deal with situations, not just a fix-for-all approach

you feel okay-ish but you haven't been able to pinpoint what is not working

some days you are up and some others you are down, without knowing why 

your reactions are all over the place

What are you signing up for? 


21 days of daily prompts to help you create a routine that works for you


Positive encouragement and support to guide you in your journey


BONUS 12 live calls with Manuela (30 minutes on Zoom)

BONUS 2: 1 group Reiki clearing


You can start the program at your convenience! 

Every day you receive an email with some prompts for the day and at the end of the week, we can meet for 30 minutes online call to share the experiences and I can answer all your questions.

As Extra Bonus, you can participate in an online Reiki Energy Clearing session, date to be confirmed.

I wanted to make this program as affordable as possible. 

The cost is 75 euro