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Nicola - marketing specialist and DoTerra advocat (Amsterdam)

3 months mentorship program

"I have just completed the 3-month program, and the progress I have made around being aware and conscious of engrained patterns and behaviors is mad! I used to think I was a certain way but discovered that I had formed habits which really weren’t mine or part of my soul! Now, when these ‘habits’ creep back in, I am in a position to see them and remove them creating more flow in my life. The cards are VERY different and unique compared to ‘traditional oracle cards’. They go deep. Sometimes it’s hard but let me tell you, it is so rewarding in becoming conscious of your emotions and the life you really want to lead!"

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Giorgio- actor, singer and performer (London)

Readings and Energy healings

I had 3 different cards reading with Manuela and the experience has always been fantastic. The reading is really insightful and thorough. She makes sure that you understand everything that she says and makes you ask further questions if you still have some doubts. Everything that surfaced during the reading made perfect sense to me and was absolutely spot on. I have learned so much about myself and it's helping me growing as a person. Thanks!

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Clara - Clinical research associate (Paris)

Readings and Energy healings

I had the experience of reading twice with Manuela for two differents reasons and I was completely surprised by how much she manages to find out about yourself. It is a very profound experience and she is able to speak with your soul trying to find your weakness and strengh. She is very kind and sensitive to deal a strong personal topic and you completly trust her and feel at home.

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Roberta - Photographer (Melbourne)

Readings and Energy healing

"I met Manuela back in 2013 in Australia and I always felt comfortable and listened to in her presence. She read my cards and talked to me about my past, present and gave me helpful tips to get out of difficult moments

I was quite skeptic in the beginning and I never thought that card, or tarots, or “been spiritual” thing ever could help me. But it did, it was and still is the only thing that helps me get out of my fears/ stuck in old habits/ feeling lost moments.

If you feel that you don’t have a purpose, that your life is not going anywhere, if there is no harmony or balance in yourself or towards other people, if you feel always tired and angry Manuela is the person to talk to. You just need an open mind and heart, she can guide you towards a better life and give you tools to use forever. She won’t give you a fish, but she can teach you how to fish.

Can’t recommend her enough!"

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Suzie - visual artist and Business Owner at Akasha Scrolls (Ams)

Reading and Energy Healing

"A real healer on many different levels. Her cards and energy call forward your subconscious thoughts and emotions and allow for a seemless and logical processing of your internal working in relation to your external environment and creations.

Basically, with Danaki, get ready to honestly open up to yourself. Everything else will flow after that, no effort needed. Just enjoy!"

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Nina - actress (Amsterdam)

Readings and Energy healing

"​Meeting Manu was a big surprise for me. I didn't know anything about healing. I had a terrible pain in my stomach and she didn't just help me to release it but also to see what was behind this pain. I felt immediately comfortable with her. I had a couple of sessions with her and it gave me so many insights! And next to being very professional and friendly she is also a lot of fun. Hurray for this woman!"

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Dianne - holistic therapist (Perth)

Energy Healing and Fascial Kinetics

"Throughout our friendship, I am so grateful to be able to have experienced the powerful yet gentle energy exchange Manu offers with Reiki, her flowing Fascial Kinetics treatments and her warm yoga classes all have been wonderful healing gifts for me to feel and be involved in. I recommend any of the healing sessions Manu has to offer knowing, feeling and seeing just how much Manu's healing gifts can assist us on our journey of growth within our everyday lives!"

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Iben - rock climber and top-rope specialist (Oslo)

Massages and Fascial Kinetics

"Thanks Manu for teaching me about Fascial Kinetics and giving me tools to treat all the soreness and injuries that comes with climbing. We're using it after every hard session. No more pain in my leg! All the best, and hope to see you again soon!"