Soul Mentoring

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an intensive transformational journey for women ready to transform their life getting back into Alignment

Hello there, so nice to meet you!

You landed on this page because you feel that something is off in your life, but you are not sure what it is. 

You have dreams and goals, but it seems like you can't reach them and they keep being postponed while your frustration grows. 

Life seems to get in the way more than usual, things happen and you are scared because you have lost your direction and you feel not in charge anymore.

You want to reach a breakthrough but it never seems to happen and you find yourself moving in circles without getting any clarity and confidence for your next steps.

Probably you have been looking for sometimes now, and you are familiar with breathing techniques and the Law of Attraction,  meditation books, and videos but you haven't found the way to fully apply them to your way of thinking and every day. 

You do understand "go with the flow" but inside you are still freaking furious sometimes. 

You would like to feel Authentic and Creative but you keep questioning yourself and your choices.

I get it. I was like you.

I felt frustrated, stuck, uninspired, and incredibly angry despite sitting and meditating daily. 

Having the information is great. Self-work is awesome. But it's not all that is needed. I am sure you already have your answers, deep deep inside yourself, but you are just not putting them into practice. And THIS annoys you the most. And makes you angry with yourself. Probably embarrassed too. 

I went through that and I can tell you, it's nice to heal and get back into enjoying life


Keep reading if...

Want to hear the good news?

you are a woman ready to learn more about yourself

you have the feeling that your being stuck come from past wounds and blockages that would require some energy healing

you are tired of living in your shadow and you are bursting to get the excitement back

you want to become more clear and centered in yourself, less emotional and reactive

you have noticed episodes repeating in your life, and you want to understand why they happen and how to change that

How would it feel to 

Girl Relaxing

let go of old behaviors that are not serving you anymore? 

get rid of energy blockages that are holding you back? 

understand the way you think and react to any situation? 

be able to stay positive and centered despite everything that happens around you? 

feel energetic and inspired most days of the years? 

be able to see the changes and the growth in yourself and in your life? 

express yourself with confidence and clarity

You should choose the program if

You want to be able to enjoy your life and your work

You want to feel aligned and centered deeply within, where your decisions and actions come from your desires and not your fears and old patterns

You want to be calm and focused, able to navigate life with grace

You want to know yourself deeply, love yourself deeply, embracing and honoring all your parts, even those ones that you are trying to don't see right now

You want to be confident and powerful, able to make those choices that are fulfilling for yourself

You want  to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of yourself, with all your gifts and all your flaws

You want to fully embrace your uniqueness and show it to the world


4 months Soul Mentoring

Your tailored program includes:

- 8 Modules to dive deep in each area of life

- weekly Mentoring+Healing sessions with Manuela*

- follow-up email with the card grid and next steps

- assignments with tips and easy exercises

- unlimited email access to Manuela, to clarify doubts and feel more confident in your steps

- plenty of support and accountability

*The sessions are done via Zoom, they are 90 minutes, and they are recorded, for you to re-listen.


The Steps

Specifically focused on assisting you in deepening your pursuit of an aligned and more connected life.


01. ROOTS - Grounding

02. FIRE - Creative Energy

03. TRIBE - Connection

04. CORE - Power Within

05. VOICE - Expression

06. VALUES - Whats and Whys

07. VISION - Your total Alignment



Nicola  Cloherty

Womb Wisdom & Human Design

"I have just completed the 3-month program, and the progress I have made around being aware and conscious of engrained patterns and behaviors is mad! I used to think I was a certain way but discovered that I had formed habits which really weren’t mine or part of my soul! Now, when these ‘habits’ creep back in, I am in a position to see them and remove them creating more flow in my life.