Reading and Energy              Healing

There is so much more to us than what meets the eyes.


Life is way simpler than we make it when we understand what our real nature is.


We live every second of our lives interacting in an ever-changing system of energies, and for most of that time, we are unaware of it. Each of us too concerns with their own personal ‘bubble’.

We are overstimulated, constantly distracted, one way or the other. When living in such a hyped state, it’s more challenging to be able to be aware of what’s around us.

We have lost the connection with the more subtle world, we have lost the slow peace, we have lost those moments of stillness.


When was the last time you sat down in silence and did nothing? Not watching a video, not listening to music, not checking your emails?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to feel your body and mind free from stress and tensions, relaxed?


That relaxation where your focus is sharp, your energy stable and centered, the mind is clear and unclouded, you are present, you are aware, you are not distracted by your own stories.

​Clarity. Such a great gift to give yourself. Knowing what you are feeling, what you are thinking, being in charge of your own life, navigating following your own direction.


My aim is to show you the way to arrive at that point, and support you during the way.

Which instruments do I use?

​​​Subconscious Whispers Cards help you understand your own feelings and behaviors, showing you what you bury in the subconscious that is running your life. We look at your wounds, at your strengths, at your stories, at your reactions.

A card reading here is not about predicting your future; or interpreting. It is a straightforward analysis of yourself, with a focus on which aspects of yourself are getting in the way of the life you want.

Moon Astrology helps us deepening the reading with the knowledge of which energies were in place when you came to life. The astrological position of the planets can tell us many things on how you navigate through life, what are your default behaviors and feelings, but most importantly, it can tell us which are the lessons you have agreed to do in this lifetime, which one you find easier, and which one you find more challenging.
The readings have a lot of information in them. Information that requires observation, digestion, and integration.
Healings to me are an essential part of life. They make everything easier. Despite the expectation of the term ‘healing’, I haven’t found anything more natural, more organic.

Healings re-set, re-balance the system, giving a fresh start every time.

We all clean our rooms, our houses, our possessions, but how many of us clean our energies and emotions?

We all have memories, beliefs, stories, interpretations, notions, from many many many many years, lifetimes to be precise. They can become heavy baggage if we don’t let go of them when they don’t serve us anymore.

How can I support you?


My ability as energy shifter can help to clear some of the stagnant energies while working with you, restoring energy patterns that have been blocked or depleted, lowering down the vibration so that you can experience again calmness and inner stillness.

This process is not always rainbows and sparkle, sometimes emotions need to be cried out, sometimes they need to be elaborated, but at that point, you will have the support and the ability to do it in the most gracious way available for you that moment.

One thing I cannot do for you is to explain to you the depth of feeling alive knowing how and why, this is your journey and you have to discover it for yourself.

I am here to offer you a way to get there, the opportunity to find your way to yourself.​

I mostly work intuitively, reading your energies and understanding at which point in life you are at the moment. I will then suggest to you how I would like to work with you; if I feel you need a reading or a healing, or a combination. And then you decide.

This is work done together. You are as much in charge as I am.

Growth and healing are always a personal matter, and my role is to mentor you, guide you and support you. But it’s you that is active, consciously and unconsciously.

Available offers

Readings (Cards, Astrology or a combination of the two)

90 minutes - 120 minutes


Energy Healing (Chakra balancing, Energy shifting, Reiki)

90 minutes


Reading + Energy Healing:


allow 2.5 / 3 hours 


Mentoring program:

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