Readings and Energy Healings

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Are you often feeling tired, with a weight on your shoulder? 

Does your head continuously work, thought after thought? 

Do you feel low energy, stuck in a circle and you have no idea how to get out? 

I believe that life is way simpler than we make it, sometimes we just forget. 

And this offer can help you remember as well 

What do we do during a 1:1 Reading and Energy Healing? 

During our sessions we:

analyze your thought patterns, we look at your wounds, your strengths, your stories, and your reactions

 focus on which aspects of yourself are getting in the way of the life you want

look at which themes and energies are in yourself

dive into the lessons you have agreed to do in this lifetime

clear blockages and re-balance the energy 

give you some fresh energy and momentum 


How do we do that? 

I mostly work intuitively, reading your energies and understanding at which point in life you are at the moment. I will then suggest to you how I would like to work with you.

You can come in with a question, or a situation in your life you would like to understand better, but if you are not sure, it's fine as well. 

After a short introduction talk, we are going to dive deeper into your energy and blueprint, bringing to light blockages, shifting energies, and understanding how they have been influencing your life and how to move away from them. 

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This is work done together.

You are as much in charge as I am.​


Growth and healing are always a personal matter, and my role is to mentor you, guide you and support you

while you do your work, consciously and unconsciously.

Ready to Dive in? 

1.5-hr session

What is going on in your life right now? Which energies are playing up and creating discomfort? 

After a short chat to identify the subject/theme of the session, we dive deeper in the reading and healing. 

The recorded session is done via Zoom

and progresses in this order

- introduction

- card reading with quick references to birth chart

- Chakra Balancing Healing

This is currently the most popular choice as first session of working with Manuela

2.5-hr session

This session differes in the depth we can reach, allowing more time for exploration. 

The recorded session is done via Zoom

and progresses in this order

- introduction 

- card reading with crossed references to birth chart

- Energy Clearing and Realignment

(according to what we discovered during the reading, I can direct the treatment to target the specific energies to shift) 

- follow up email with card grid and next steps



visual artist and Owner at Akasha Scrolls 

A real healer on many different levels. Her cards and energy call forward your subconscious thoughts and emotions and allow for a seemless and logical processing of your internal working in relation to your external environment and creations.

Basically, with Danaki, get ready to honestly open up to yourself. Everything else will flow after that, no effort needed. Just enjoy!

Want to go deeper?

1:1 Mentoring Program

It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but realistically, it can take much longer.

Especially when we talk about changing thoughts and behavior patterns that we have had since born.

In my personal experience, I saw the importance and benefits of regular healing/therapy sessions to clear the mind from doubts and confusion while changing and creating new habits, and I would not have come this far if I, personally,  didn’t follow through!

 Changing your thinking takes effort and requires support, because you hit some walls of confusions along the road, whereby you see yourself wanting to make a new approach, but you are not sure how to behave in that right moment, because of the old pattern.


I Mentor women during a program of 3 months so I can support them all the way from confusion and uncertainty to clarity and direction, on the way to the life they are looking for. 


 We will introduce easy and approachable ways to bring mindfulness and presence in your everyday life, with helpful tips to make those little changes that will help the overall journey.