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Happy New Moon in Pisces

Enjoying the energy?

Pisces is the last sign of the ZOdiac, and this is really a time of completion of the 2020 astrological year.

Pisces allows us to revisit our beliefs and lessons around Fate.

And I don't mean the "this is what I am meant to do here", more the "For the Lord's sake, I am soo tired to see this lessons again".

We are at the last stretch of winter, well into a year of pandemic, it feels like our patience has been suddenly cut short.

There is an urge in the air to feel better, to have it easier, to drop thoughts, and just chill and enjoy.

These days people might feel very emotional, some even sick-ish.

When a situation in your life repeats, start taking notice. I promise, if you look back you will see the pattern.

This is how we revisit and learn about our Fate and our karmic lessons.

Which emotions, feelings, situations have been presented to you that you are ready to do differently?

If this New Moon feels more like a Full Moon to you, you are

not alone.

Breathe, meditate, journal.

You got this!

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