Mentoring Program

It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but realistically, it can take much longer.

Especially when we talk about changing thoughts and behavior patterns that we have had since born.

In my personal experience, I saw the importance and benefits of regular healing/therapy sessions to clear the mind from doubts and confusion while changing and creating new habits, and I would not have come this far if I, personally,  didn’t follow through!


I saw in myself and others I worked with, that changing your thinking takes effort and requires support, because you hit some walls of confusions along the road, whereby you see yourself wanting to make a new approach, but you are not sure how to behave in that right moment, because of the old pattern.


I designed this Mentoring program to accompany you for 3 months while you build up enough momentum to evolve and to grow self-sufficiently.

 We will introduce easy and approachable ways to bring mindfulness and presence in your everyday life, with helpful tips to make those little changes that will help the overall journey.

The program can be followed in person or online

Why is the program right for you?

The combination of Subconscious Whispers card reading and Moon Astrology will help you focus on your emotions and your inner feelings, bringing unclear feelings and emotions to light. Being able to understand the feelings and face them induces and facilitates a transformation of the thought process and actions, improving the overall quality of life.


During the session, many of these emotional patterns are brought back to the surface. Some known, some unrecognized, and some completely unconscious. Being able to recognize the energies in the body and mind is the first step in the process.


The cards have the incredible ability to tap into the memories of the Subconscious mind and report with raw honesty any thought-program the person is ready to face at that time. Readings clarify or reaffirm something that you might have guessed but are not sure about and often you can find an explanation of your actions and reactions in specific situations.

Moon Astrology allows you to understand your original blueprint. In your natal chart, you can read your personal mechanism, the reasons why you have certain feelings and behaviors, and the lessons you have signed to do during this lifetime. It’s truly amazing the amount of information that can be retrieved from your chart, and how liberating can be to understand the whys of our feelings.



"How would your life be if you could have access to your own personal instruction manual?"


Each session helps to improve the ability to recognize these energies in everyday life; in the events that are presented, improving the ability to observe life from an objective point of view and deepening the connection with our intuition.

When the process has started, we begin to feel the change from the small things, making us more aware, more in tune with our intuition, on our way to our personal journey of growth.


With the readings, a lot of energy starts moving, from old memories, from subconscious processes and hidden emotions. The Energy Healings allows us to create that level of calmness and relaxation necessary to process and integrate the shift in a smooth and gentle way. They speed up the process and help to ease into the new way of feeling and thinking.


-  12 weeks of frequent communication

6 readings with the Subconscious Whispers cards, referring to your own natal birth chart to understand which lessons you have signed up for and how the energy relates to you in person. Each reading is in a different phase of the Moon so we will consider the astrological influence on the events or the matter brought to light

4 Energy Healings based on the energies shifted during the sessions. As each reading is different, I will decide each time which kind of treatment is more helpful at that moment

report after each reading with reminders and notes


tips and exercises to observe and become more familiar with the process of integrating the reading

-  online support during the 3 months it takes

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